Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's the rose that's important

Accuse me of being too saccharine, but I love the simplicity of this song. It hearkens back to all the memories and experiences, both good and bad, of my life-journey with the Madz.

I had my moment in the sun, and what a gloriously shining moment it was. But at the end of the day, when the curtain is rung down and the footlights are turned off, all I am left with is the soul of the music, the lone rose which I keep close to my heart.

Perhaps it's the rose that's important, after all.

L'important, C'est la Rose

From one of my tours, a 2006 concert in Epinal, France.


  1. emo numero uno. hehehe. siempre, meron bang artist na di emo? papaputol ako kung meron. hehehe

  2. Hey, I'm not really prone to emo stuff.

    Emos, angst, and their ilk are

    It's more like nostalgia for me.


  3. define split personality....adrei ehehehehe

  4. i am torn between whether wanting to hear you guys perform live, or just being in france... :)

    beautiful. really. and to whoever it was who was whistling, all i can say is.. teach me! :)

    another wanderer in the HOUSE!

  5. E - naman! Isn't talking to yourself fun? ;)

    Jamie - I'd give the Madz thing a shot, since a definitely a cheaper alternative lolz thanks for dropping by! Hope you had fun reading (the meager) stuff here :)