Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 4 a.k.a. The Epilogue

There are four classical Greek elements: earth, wind, fire, and water.
North, south, east, and west stand watch over the four corners of the earth.
The number four and the word "death" sounds the same in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.
L-O-V-E is a four-lettered word.


Friday night I spent with the Ateneo people somewhere in Loyola Grand Villas. It was a breakfast-themed party, and being thkuripotpeeps that were are, Ting Ting Cojuangco brought a pancake mix, and I brought the leftover pancake syrup in the ref (note to self: please take out the syrup in the car. Dabo's roaches might take a fancy to it). Come to think of it, we shouldn't have bothered since there was a yummy breakfast buffet laid out consisting of champorado, crispy tuyo, sauteed corned beef, a Provençal omelette(ting alert!) get the picture. Wine and vodka had started to work on the people when we arrived, so tongues were loose and Despedida was being grilled about her dating with Famous Director. And do you actually think I got spared from being slathered with barbeque sauce on the roasting pit? Of course not. So I told them a little story. A little story of love found and love lost, and a heart that was rediscovered. All amidst good laughter, hearty food, and long-time loving friends I call family.

Saturday afternoon, I attended the wedding of a batch mate of mine in the Madz. Though I've sung at countless weddings in that church, attending a ceremony of a friend somehow cast the place in a totally different light. The bride, Lead Soprano, sang her wedding vows to her groom. I'm not one to really indulge in shtick sentimentality, but I found myself teary-eyed when her sweet voice was soaring in the song. Later on at the reception, in between bites from the Bizu-catered ulam and desserts (note to self: Go back to Bizu and get that 10 hr. slow-roasted beef belly thing), an odd thought popped in my head. Is it coincidental, or am I just finding myself spending time with people in my life who really matter, those who have loved me and I have loved in return?


Tonight, I spent dinner and coffee with my best buddies from the late and lamented G4M. Cubao Boy treated the gang, and almost everyone was there, save for Man4Boys and m.i.a Scorpion King. If anything good came out of that website, it's these guys. We may have known each other for just over a year (some even less), but already have shared considerable quality time with each other. And yes guys, I am proud to call you my friends, just as much, I hope, that you are proud to have me as a friend.


It has been four days since Spice last communicated with me.

But I am okay.

No, really.

I am.

No tears, no bitterness in here whatsoever. The human heart, despite its being weary and battle-scarred, is resilient after all.

Happiness, however fleeting, was granted to me. I never thought I'd be happy again in this aspect of my life. Thank you, Spice, for showing me that I still could still love romantically, in a true, good, honest, and real fashion. The heart, which I thought was lost and long-dead, has been found once again.

And thank you, too, my friends, for being there for me when I was at the bottom of the barrel. You keep me grounded when I need to be and you fan the spark of my being. You are the compass of my life, pointing the way that is true and real. I was right all along to invest in you. Romantic relationships come and go, but you will always be part of my life.

I love you guys. And that comes straight from here, from my heart.


  1. I'm bound to continue my journey and this time there's no turning back or recalling to what I had with "bedboy" (except for the monthsary entry where I have to write what happened during the past month)

    Goodluck on your journey as well. :)

  2. Fare thee well, too, Mugen!

    It was a most interesting journey, to say the least ;)