Monday, June 14, 2010

Advice Needed

A and B are lovers.
A and B are together frequently.
A soon discovers that B has traits he can't tolerate.
B starts to complain that A is bossy and takes B for granted.
A and B begin to have petty fights often.
A has some time off, and realizes he misses his "me" time.
More importantly, A realizes he wants out.
A cannot see the relationship with B work out anymore.
A is awkward with initiating break-ups, and does not know how to go about it.

Please help A.
How should he do it?

Follow up:  
B spends the night at A's place.
A breaks it to B gently while cuddling him in his arms.
B takes it nicely without any hysterics.
B asks to be brought home.
When B gets out of A's car, A pauses at the steering wheel and then cries.
A relays his thanks to the readers of Eternal Wanderer's blog for their input.


  1. sabihin lang ng diretso. anong dahilan at bakit kailangan maghiwalay

    mas mahirap manatili sa loob ng relasyon kung nagkakagulo na talaga

  2. Bakla, sabi nga ng Nike ad - just do it!

    There's no easy way to break somebody's heart. Echos!

  3. A should set up a proper venue and make it respectful but quick. allow to simmer then leave. ;)

    A will kick himself in the butt if he doesn't do anything soon. no regrets!

  4. it will be very rude to end it via phone or text or e-mail.

    it takes two in a tango.

    talk it over.


  5. he should do it like a man. kausapin niya si B ng masinsinan. my dad always says, nakatayo kayong pumasok, bakit kayo gagapang paalis? it didn't make sense to me when he first said it but after the first few breakups, i understood just how valuable it is.

  6. A should man up and end it soon before things get much worse. bago mag cheat and all, makipag break na.

  7. A might as well do it in their next petty fight (good opening na rin siguro yun). A must be very firm.

  8. let a and b talk first then take it from there

  9. Muster up all the courage A needs in order for him and B to talk it through.

    Breaking-up? Never easy but it has to happen sooner than later.

  10. practical solution: sabihin kay a gumawa ng kalokohan at magpahuli kay b. tapos.

  11. hangtamad ni carrie ahahaha :P

  12. wag na patagalin pa. gorabelles. break kung break.

  13. Teka Ternasia, nalokah naman ako sa kanang bahagi ng blog mo at nasa listahan ako ng "kunwari top daw". hahahaha. Nangunguna sa survey! Nielsen ba itu?

    Chiz Wiz ko knows ang widget na iteux.

  14. the longer he waits, the harder it gets.

  15. i always believe in communication eh...

    but if you..I mean A is really decided...sana ASAP sabihan na kagad si B..unfair din kay B kahit pa sabihin nateng may mga pagkukulang siya...

  16. Soltero, alam mo naman ang mga kunwaring top na tulad ko, nakahilata lang. Char!

    I think they A and B have to talk and get to the heaother the matter. It's not as simple as it was stated here. For all we know, there may be underlying problems in their relationship. If they break up abruptly, one or both of them could be left wondering what couldve been done to work things out (as in the case of a reparable relationship) or to learn (in thecase of a doomed relationship).

    Baka naman pwede pang isalba yan, basta maging open Lang sila sa tunay na problema nila. Kung talagang sinking ship na yan, ano yung root cause para sa susunod na magkarelasyon sila, di na Nila uulitin yung mistakes Nila para di na maulit yung trahedya.

    Sana ngkasense and sensibility ako dun.

  17. hala, ayan, NOBELA naman ung kinoment ni Carrie hahah

    (obvious bang panay comment ko para makahabol sa kunwari TOP daw..ayoko maging salutatorian all my life! bwahaha)

  18. ay buti nalang tapos na.... baka kung ano pa naipayo ko pag nagkataon... yaiy

    @ Nyl... hayup ka, bakit nung ako ang humihingi ng advice sa ganyang bagay ang sabi mo lang... "stop texting him!"


  19. potek ka! Nasa poll mo talaga ako?!

  20. @YJ ganun talaga. ibang usapan naman yung sayo.

    (at talagang sinagot ko pa! haha sorry ternie!)

  21. Iuri: aba shempre! ;)

    Advent: thanks of passing by and leaving a comment! don't be a stranger :)

    All and Everyone: thanks for the input, guys! A appreciated it :D