Monday, June 28, 2010

Sleepless Dementia a.k.a. When Things Go Wrong, It Really Gets Horrid

1. It started the night before.  There was major confusion regarding the mix-up of the new schedule, and I ended up informing my classmates about the change through text. I should probably add de facto HR to my résumé.

2.  Sleep was elusive because I was already used to the night schedule. All of a sudden, the next phase of training was shifted to the morning with barely 16 hrs. in between.  The result? I had two measley hours of shut-eyes.

3.  I decided to take the cab going to the MRT station. I took the escalator going up, and as I groped for my wallet to buy a stored value card, I realized my wallet wasn't in my back pocket.  It probably fell at the back of the cab since I clearly remember pulling out a twenty peso bill for the fare. Not only did I lose cash, but my cards and driver's license was there as well. Smart Ternie, really smart.

4.  Maybe it was the combination of sleep deprivation and frazzled nerves - I found the topics for discussion barely comprehensible.  It was as if my scrambled brains absolutely refused to absorb all the information being dumped on us. Now, I have to wake up early to restudy my notes. By the way, there were no manuals given out. Bummer.

Bad, bad day.


  1. now that's a trifecta plus one

  2. welcome to the world of the working.

  3. Alterjon has left a new comment on your post "Sleeples Dementia a.k.a. When Things Go Wrong, It ...":

    still, ngiti naman diyan. ;P
    (yan, mas bagay)

  4. oh you poor thing. i hate it when i lose things. they always seem to happen when i'm sleepy, drunk or both.

  5. Did these adventures happen yesterday, Sunday, or this morning?

    /confused due to lack of sleep, too

  6. woh! u got ur body clock effed up...

    but who needs sleep when u get lots and lots of moolah eheheh :Punctio

  7. I know this sounds trite but keep smiling Ternie! Even a bangag smile will brighten your day. ;)

  8. look on the bright side, at least hindi ka nakatapak ng thumbtacks ng pagbangon mo sa higaan.

  9. Oral: yeah, bad things come in threes. in my case, you add another one, too. hayz.

    Engel: hmmmm, and that's not even half of it :P

    Alter: the shadow of your smile ba? hihihihi

    City: were you also sleepy/drunk when you lost your cherry? ahahahaha

    Ruddie: apir. define bangag!

    Soltero: mahirap ng walang money - walang pambiling honey! wahahaha

    Drew: oh well, c'est la vie

    Dabo: awtz. don't tell me nakaapak ka ng thumbtacks?!

  10. I always believed in the balance of nature. Or how things will equilibrate after a chaotic event. You may hve had a bad day but I hope you saw the silver lining. Love comes through, shining. Char

  11. Turning something negative into something positive can measure one's strength and determination. I'm guessing you did your best to be positive. :)

    Was there a condom inside the wallet? Hehe.

  12. hihi nko alam ko na yata bakit atat na atat ka pumasok nyahahahaha kahit antok na antok

  13. Caridad: postively golden ka teh! lolz

    Xtian: tseeeeeeh kaaaaaa :P

    Guy: may i.u.d. sa wallet ko lolz

  14. Oh Ternie, don't be silly. I was too young to drink when I lost that. haha And I was too freaked out to feel sleepy. :/

  15. And so the tables have turned... Allow me this one time to say, (ahem)"You're such a whiner!!!!"

    It's most fun right? Why do you think I like doing it all the time? Haha!

    Seriously, Glad you're alright; handling everything perfectly like the lady you (supposedly) are!;)

  16. City: eeeeep, sorry if i touched a aw nerve :(

    Bon: i should seriously consider being a professional whiner wahahahaha