Monday, January 10, 2011

Around the World in 80 Days, Proverbially Speaking 2 (A Re-post)

Old Town in Brussels, Belgium

I just love romping through these parts of any city! We spent the whole morning exploring the nooks and crannies in the old town section in Brussels. I munched on authentic Belgian waffles (almost bready in taste and texture), and loaded up on Belgian chocolates for pasalubong. Bad decision. It took all my creativity to figure out how to store the chocolates in my luggage without them being squashed.

By the way, I couldn't help but look for Patrash! lolz

At the side of the Swedish Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden

We arrived in Stockholm aboard a cruise ship. In one of the concerts, word got around that the Swedish choir we were competing against in a few months' time would be watching us. We gave them an eat-that-beeyatch singing that night! hahahaha Though the serious choral tradition has only been around for a generation or so, I'm proud to say that Filipino choirs are much feared and respected in competitions abroad :)

My dad and I shared hours of swapping stories about our Sweden He spent almost a year doing post-grad studies in his field. He told me student experiences. I told him about my midnight escapade with my friend. We snuck out at night, took ferry and train to Copenhagen, drank coffee there, and were back by 7 a.m. just in time for breakfast!

Partying in Torrevieja, Spain

This is the only place I experienced wherein it wasn't unusual for concerts to start at 10:00 p.m. It's a very laid back country, very casual and easy-going. It's prolly the cheapest place in Europe where I could by cigs. For € 2.50 a pack, it's practically a steal!

Callos, torta de patatas, and paella made me miss home very much. In Bilbao, I searched in vain for authentic chorizo de bilbao (no such thing), and in turn, I got by asked people on how much a mantel de manila in the Philipiines is (no such thing either). Pantomining ala charades with some sales ladies, I managed to buy some really kewl abanicos in El Corte Ingles (their SM) :D


  1. parang scene sa Glee haha. apart from the waffles, chocolates, coffee, callos and paella, how were the local delicacies ;) ?

  2. Oh Sweden. Looking forward to visit the place.

    Ang ganda siguro ng boses mo Eternal. :)

  3. Oo nga, don't tell me picture picture lang ang nangyari. choz! =)

  4. ako pangarap kong malibot ang europe or mag stay for life jan hehehe


  5. Sean: as much as i love european sausages, i wasn't able to taste a belgian one.

    a real sausage, you dirty boy, you! :P

    M.I.: di naman masyado *blush*

    Madame Chuni: excuse me, kahit abroad, tangay-tangay ko ang aking mga katangian ng kadalisayan, kabusilakan, at kayumihan.



  6. ay, yung mga ganyang may katangian ang madalas na ina-alay sa nagngangalit na bulkan. Choz! =)

  7. Wow Ternie! MADZ???

    pangarap ko rin ang Schengen visa

  8. Uno: ay pwamis, super mageenjoy ka sa europe! :D

    Madame Chui: totoo yan! ako na ang virgin sacrifice to the implacable volcano god wahahaha

    Oral: ay basta, one of the groups ;) hihihihi

  9. oh god, memories of my scandinavian trip flooded me after reading this entry.

    i was based in copenhagen then but was able to travel around almost every weekend. malmoe was the easiest place to go in sweden but of course, it won't be complete without a visit to stockholm.

    good thing prices at scandlines are not that expensive.

  10. John Stan: ay tama ka, mej malapit na kami sa malmö, kaya tumakas kami hatinggabi papuntang copengahagen! :P