Monday, January 31, 2011

About Blogging and Reading Blogs

Edited transcript from a YM conversation with Kane:

(Kane): Ternie, tell me the truth
(Kane): whats ur opinion of pinoy gay blogging
eternal_wanderer01: what about it?
(Kane): im curious
(Kane): do you think we have excellent writers?
(Kane): etc etc
eternal_wanderer01: each have their own styles
eternal_wanderer01: some write floridly
eternal_wanderer01: some write concisely
eternal_wanderer01: some write about big ideas
eternal_wanderer01: some write about mundane things
eternal_wanderer01: the whole i point?
eternal_wanderer01: i read to learn
eternal_wanderer01: both with what they have to say
eternal_wanderer01: and how they say it

*End of transcript*

Why do you read blogs? For that matter, why do you write in a blog?


  1. Gay bloggers have their styles of writing as much as they have their niche of readers and personalities to match.

    Wouldn't you agree?

  2. Well, in my 30 something years of existence, i never really had an outlet where i can fully express who i really am. My blog provided me a venue where i can be myself sans drama or judgement from the people who i care most.

    Tanggapin nyo man o hindi... straight aketch sa outside world.

    Yun lang and world peace. mwah!

  3. You may say na mababaw akong tao pero i read blogs to inspire myself to write more and also para makita ko yung bagay na hindi ko pinapansin at nakikita rin pala ng iba.

  4. hmmm this post got me thinking. of course there are excellent gay bloggers out there. but im a bit uncomfortable with the word "excellent." para kasing suddenly there is a standard. i actually prefer bloggers whose prose are raw as compared to those who seem to be professional writers themselves. thats the advantage of the new media. pwede pa ang lahat. free for all pa. thats why i guess some of the most poignant writing can be found online and not on print. thats why i read blogs.

  5. Guy: something for someone, dontcha think? ;)

    Madame Chuni: sometimes the people who know us most are the most judgemental ano?

    Desperate: nothing wrong with reading for inspiration. it's the learning that's important, right?

    Anon: in our ym conversation, i told kane that the word "excellent" is very subjective. my tastes for excellence may not exactly jive with the taste of excellence for other people.

    but all in all, it's boils down to personal preferences: what to read, and what to write.

    walang basagan ng trip, ika nga :P

  6. i write because there are some things i can't share even with my friends. i read because there's always a new way of looking at things even if it's badly written.

    you live and learn sabi nga.

  7. La Divina: let me rephrase that - you read and learn ;)

  8. i'm actually having a sort of crisis (crisis daw?) ngayon. if i want to stick to being a blogger or try to be a writer. basta ang nangyayari sa akin ngayon eh gusto ko lang magkwento. eh since nasusulat ang aking mga kwento, pagpraktisan na lang din sa pagiging kunwaring writer. haha.

    in fairness, nagiging uso tong topic na to lately ha.

  9. Ex-J: hmmm doesn't blogging involve writing?

    not unless it's a photoblog, of course :P

    Sean: ay whynatz? hahahaha

  10. I believe (charot) this (writing on a blog) lies in the intent of the blogger.

    I agree with Karla. I write anonymously because there are just some things I can't share even with some friends. And it's not even because I have "trust issues." Writing on a journal other than online is just too risky with the possiblity of people getting their hands on it.

    I read blogs because there is just a lot of things that one can learn from someone else's perspective on "things."

    This, and simply because chismoso ako. hahaha

  11. Iuri: And it's not even because I have "trust issues."

    defensive much?



    ps. hayuf ka, miss na kita!

  12. basta teh ternie alam ko na hindi ako magaling magsulat! hehehe

    i blog because i want to tell my story... whether they will read it or not!

    besides str8 din ako sa totoong buhay gaya ni teh chuni! hahaha

    but i kinda agree with you teh ternie ... we have a lot of excellent gay bloggers out there... i want to name a few pero wag na lang.. baka lumaki pa ang ulo nila sa baba hahahha

  13. Ooohhh... but you left out the more interesting parts of our talk Ternie. Tsk tsk...


  14. Ewan: go lang ng go! writing can be a form of therapy ;)

    Kane: ahahahhahaha

    Geek: because i read. and i write. ;)

  15. When I was a new blogger, a relatively anonymous one, I write without restrictions.

    It doesn't matter if I choose the wrong words, if my thoughts weren't well conceived, if my grammar errors turn off the most discriminate reader.

    But now that things have changed, when everyone puts up their own blog and readership becomes an issue, sometimes you cannot deny the pressure to come up with something worth reading.

    When I write these days, I tend to consider the most minute details. Revisions take the bulk of my time that sometimes, thoughts become lost in translation. Hehe.

    Now that we're in the subject of blogging, perhaps my old entries could serve as inspiration. I am having a hard time sustaining the drive. Ideas easily slip these days. And now that all subjects are being covered, sometimes you just want to turn your back and for a change, free yourself from words.

  16. ah, i meant "writing" the way kane would use the term. haha.

  17. Mugen: and like i said to kane, i admire your pasion to write. wish i'd have even half the discipline that you do :P

    Ex-J: writing is a learned skill. and like any other skill, the more you do it, the better you get at it :D

  18. napaisip ako dito, ah
    bakit nga ba ako nagbla-blog
    malapit na matapos ang the deadbeat club pero hindi ko pa din alam kung bakit ako nagblog in the first place

    pero itong blog mo
    ang dami kong natutunan
    lalo na yun mga salitang "kakaiba"

  19. Fafa Raft3r: naku, marami kang matututunan na sa lita sa iba pang blog :P

    teka, malapit ng matapos??? batet???

  20. I read, simply, because there are blogs that must be read. The only problem (most of the time) is that I'm too slow to keep up.

    What I like about blogging is that it offers newer forms of expression that print cannot. That, and because of practical concerns such as the ease of publishing.

    Wonder topic by the way. What better way to start a conversation than using our most common denominator. :)

  21. i read and write blogs, pampawala ng stress! andami nyo kayang good writers! hihiih idol

  22. I read, simply, because there are blogs that must be read.

    required readings? :P

    Hot: ay apir!

  23. Mmmm this is a good one.

    I write because I'm afraid. I just want to be somewhere where I don't feel scared and intimidated. Im free when Im write. And the good thing about it is, nobody in real life knows I blog expect my bestfriend.

  24. Herbs: let your blog be your refuge then :)

  25. I blog para maalala ko kung sino ang booking ko when I look back. anopletch!