Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Search of Happiness

 "When you sense a faint potentiality for happiness after such dark times, you must grab on to the ankles of that happiness and not let go until it drags you face first out of the dirt - it is not selfishness, but obligation."
Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Everyone has their own measure of happiness. It is something personal, and should never be gauged against the happiness of others.

Whenever someone shares their own opinion of what happiness should be, be open to it; you can never tell what you can learn from what others say.

However, it is also impolite to force on others the idea of what happiness should be; we are but guests on-board their lives, and not the skipper of their ship.

Happiness is truly an intangible gift; and like most intangibles in life, use it wisely and sow it lovingly - the reaps will be a hundredfold greater whenever happiness is shared with others.

And in that pursuit for happiness, keep in mind that you do not deliberately hurt others. You do not own the sole right to happiness. After all, everyone deserves to be happy.

So go forth, and create your own happiness.

Choose to be happy, strive to be happy - and life will be well worth living.


  1. tomoh! everyone has their own way of being happy...

    nice one~

  2. asan ang "like" button? hehehehe!

    happiness is a choice!

  3. me likey!!! =)

    thanks thanks!!!

  4. Mac: dabah? :P

    DSM: oo naman!

    welcome to my blog nga pala :D don't be a stranger ;)

    Paci: aw chenkyu din :D

  5. Wow, kakainspired. tayu ng humayo at magpakarami, i mean, magpakasaya. :)

  6. DH: be happy and gay, ika nga :P

    salamat sa pag-follow at pag-iwan ng comment! :D

  7. "Choose to be happy, strive to be happy - and life will be well worth living."

    just what i needed. hit right on the spot there mister. :) thanks for the reminder.

  8. are you happy ternie?

  9. Happiness is Libresse!


    Remember the saying: This is my world and you people just live in it?

    Yes, that one!

    Happiness is diverse, what may be happiness for you may not be for the next person.

    But one thing remains though, Happiness is attainable and is never measured by something concrete.

  10. Junkie: sometimes, a little reminder goes a long way ;)

    as with DSM and DH, i'd like to welcome you to my blog. hope you like it :D

    Engel: generally, i'd like to think i am ;)

    Guy: even the darkest night has to give way to the dawn, right? :)

  11. TOMOI!!!

    Though we have to consider the shelf life of the happiness we're vying for because that's how people become disillusioned by shabu and cocaine and alcoholism and other forms of escape.

    parameter 1: If Happiness right now = yes
    parameter 2: If Happiness in the long run = yes


    if only parameter 1 is satisfied, marami-rami pang kalkulasyon ang kelangan gawin at nosebleed ako jan so sign off na muna si cleopatra. Babush ternie Amishu!

  12. Johnny: if you consider happiness as a set of parametric equations, a range restriction will give the graph of happiness a clearer view of bounded direction. hence, you will see where happiness would start, where it should go, and where it would finish.

    but then again, happiness is never as simple as a mathematical model, isn't it? ;)

    *insert aneurysm here*

  13. John Stan: ay letse ka talaga! ahahahahaha

  14. tama yan
    in short, walang basagan ng trip ng bawat isa

  15. Hi Ternie =)

    Sometimes I wonder, if it is as easy to "choose" to be happy, why are there so many unhappy people?

    I don't think people deliberately would want to be or choose to be unhappy.


  16. sabi nga ng kaibigan ko, basta ngiti lang ng ngiti!

  17. Raft3R: tamaaaaaaaah!

    Kane: some people have mastered the art of letting go, including that of negativity.

    some people prefer to savor it.

    no judgements. each individual has his or her own way in dealing with emotions :)

    Princesa: ika nga, smiling doesn't cost a thing, di ba? ;)

    salamat sa pagdaan at pag-iwan ng comment! :D

  18. A nice quote, inspiring and heartfelt.

    Happy week end folk.

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  19. i like this. thanks for this - needed some positivity for this week

  20. Denase: gald you like it :)

    thanks for passing by and leaving a comment. feel free to explore my other posts!

    Sean: my pleasure :D

  21. I think I'm starting to believe that you're mayumi, dalisay and all that jazz.

    I've missed coming to your blog. Dati #1 ako sa hall of famers mo. At least di parin nachuchugi sa listahan. lol

  22. City: but i am dalisay, buslak, and mayumi!


    well,do pass by more often ;)

  23. Here's to pursuing happiness Ternie. :)

  24. Manech: *raises a mug of coke zero in cheers*

  25. bakit ba kailangan maging masaya? whoever said we need to be happy? hahaha. ang nega ng comment ko lang. pek-pek!

    pero seriously, the more we want to be happy, the more it becomes illusive and elusive. and while we are happy differently, thing is to just BE because at the end of the day, it's always choosing to be happy more than waiting to be so.

  26. Kaloy: wanting and being are two different creatures altogether.

    the dividing line? - choice ;)

  27. glad to see you back. here are some lines from rilke:

    "long must you suffer, not knowing what, until suddenly, from a piece of fruit hatefully bitten, the taste of the suffering enters you. and then you already almost love what you've savored. no one will talk it out of you again."

  28. La Divina: you'd be surprised at how some people actually relish the taste of the fruit of suffereing ;)