Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Looking At the Glass Half-Full. Or Almost-Full, For That Matter

Given it was a Friday, and I already wrapped up all my deliverables for the week with the first two hours, I went along back reading the blogs I that I follow. I came across Chemistry Guy's entry, and I decided this might be good stuff to answer. This is a truncated version, but still, I thought it' would be worthwhile sharing it on my blog.

1. Are you in good health?

If you are healthy, be grateful you are this way. Millions of people would give anything to be in your shoes, but they can’t because they are ill of some sort of disease. Think of those millions next time you feel there’s no bright side of things in your life.

With the impending increase on the prices of cigarettes, it's is a good time to jump back on to the health bandwagon. No more smoking, watching what I eat, and getting more physical activity - goals that begin right about now.

I need to find something else to satiate my oral fixation ;)

2. Have a family?

If you have a family, then know that there are over 143 million orphans in the world! So, you could say that you are luckier and have more to be thankful for than over 143.000.000 people!

Mom and Popsy are there, plus I have 3 siblings all in all from both sides. I sometimes may not get along with everyone at times, and I may not be expressive nor demonstrative with them, but yes, family is family. You not only learn to get along with them, but hopefully, along the way, you learn to love them, too.

3. Do you have any friends?

If you have at least one friend to talk to then you are lucky. Believe it or not, some people just don’t have any friends at all. If you have more than one friend you are really doing great!

That's what I appreciate with Bon-Bon. Throughout the whole year, I've played the not-so reluctant recluse, but he still makes an effort to maintain our ties. To think, he commutes from Makati all the way to QC to visit me at home. That's another thing I plan on doing next year - get out more, and reconnect with good friends.

Yes, Bon Bon is de buena familia, complete with the bahay na bato.

4. Do you have a pet?

If you have one it’s great because some people can’t afford to raise a pet or they don’t have enough space to keep one. You should be grateful for your pet! Actually go ahead and give him a big, warm hug right now just for being there for you! And after you do that, give him another hug from me  because I’m an animal lover too! 

I just hugged Musa, my Rhodesian Ridgeback. He's getting on with the years - 12, going on 13, but despite his noticeable change of temperament, I'd like to think he's still hale and hearty.

5. Do you have someone to call your better half?

If you have someone who cares for you and loves you then you are truly lucky! You should really be grateful for having that! Be grateful that you can love and are loved! Be grateful of all the moment you and him/her spend have spend and will spend together from now one! Cherish every second and live it at it’s full intensity! Many people don’t find someone like that their entire life. 

Next question please! >:(

Epic fail!

6. Do you live in a country with ongoing war?

This is a huge thing to be grateful for! Just look at what is happening right now in Iraq and just think of how the people that live there must feel. Would you feel good if there was a good chance that today you would die of a hand grenade or a bullet to your head? It’s a little rough but that’s the way life is in Iraq. Tough and unforgiving.

The physical war, no. But to be be pseudo-intellectual about it, life is a constant battle to be waged. Hopefully, I'll see the victory to the end.

7. Are you a slave?

You might think: “What? There are no more slaves! What are you talking about?” Yes, you are right. There are no more slaves. But if you were born in 1800 for example, there’s a good chance you could be a slave right now. Never thought of it this way? Never thought how lucky you are because you live these times of freedom, no matter the color of your skin.

Aside, from being a corporate slave, no, not at all.

But I wouldn't mind being a slave to @iamRicM hihihihi


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    1. hmmm, i never intended it that way, but now you that pointed it out, i guess so :D

  2. ay sinech si # 7. gusto ko syang gawin pet hahaha

    but seriously, may tama ka! things/people we sometimes take for granted

    1. mk: gusto ko pakipag-petting sa kanya. PAK! lolz

      salamas sa pagdaan at pag-iwan ng comment after 1 billion years hahahaha

  3. Does this mean you are happy? =)


  4. Sumbong kita kay Papa Baudric. Ni-blog mo siya. Hala!!

  5. nyahaha
    ayos na sana ang pagbabasa ko
    tapos may ganong picture sa dulo

  6. Sana gawin mo yung number 1 live healthy life :)