Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sin Series : The Sin of Envy 2

I did get a lot of nifty gadgets our operations manager was offering for agents with the most balanced scorecard. Let me digress a bit to explain some industry jargons. Operations measure an agent's performance with certain metrics, commonly called the Key Performance Index (KPI). For our line of business (LOB), agents are measured for six items; all of which drive the performance of the LOB as a whole.

As I mentioned, I realized early on that that our operations manager put a premium  on a balanced scorecard of the KPIs. I may not have the shortest AHT, or the top up-seller, or the most number of CSAT surveys, etc., but I always aimed to be in the top 3 of those six KPIs.

In other words, most of the time, I ended up getting the best gadgets that were at stake.

But still, no certificates of recognition came my way.

To say that envy was bludgeoning its sharp blade into my guts was an understatement .


"TL, it's tiring and tiresome trying to prop my stats up. I don't know how much longer I can hold out," I told my team lead while we were smoking at the back of our building.

We had just finished the monthly awarding ceremonies on the productions. Some of my fellow agents got certificates for this and that. I, on the other hand, got no sort of certificate - again. However, this time around, I opted for gift certificates instead of another gadget; all for another month of having the most balanced scorecard.

"I understand," he puffed his reply. "Hindi biro yung ginagawa mo. I know kasi galing din ako dyan."

With a pat on my shoulder, he added, "Don't worry, may dadating din. Sigurado yan. Just hang on."

Well, as it turned out, not only is my TL a silver-tongued devil, he also has a dilang angel, too. Not long after we had our smoke, the proverbial window opened up for me.

I may not have had any certificate of recognition to show at that point. What I did have though was a thick wad of gift certificates, and my previous gadgets, to boot.

Along with the offer by the senior manager for training and quality to join his team as a QA.


Stuff, it envy - you can take your certificates of recognition with you. I'd take the promotion any time, thank you.


  1. I told you so. Next time, I see you as the manager. You ought to be in that post. :)

    1. sana ako ang maging manager ng mga sekyu sa kabilang building namin. PAK! lolz

  2. Parang pa sweet naman ang portrayal mo dito. Wala bang you sabotaged someone's report so he'll fail and you got the promotion? *grins*


    1. well, kandy kane, you know me.

      sweet ,n spice, and everything nice.


    2. "sweet, n spice, and everything nice."

      Lies, all lies!

    3. Are you calling me...ALAYER?!?!?!?

  3. Here is a suggestion Ternie baby, sleep with the boss.

    (Evil laugh)

    1. i report directly to the senior manager.

      and he's super-beki.


    2. It doesn't hurt to, well, try...