Monday, November 12, 2012

Sin Series : The Sin of Envy 1 (A repost)

"Envy (also called invidiousness) is best defined as a resentful emotion that 'occurs 
when a person lacks another's (perceived) superior quality, achievement, 
or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it.'"
- from Wikipedia

A couple of months ago, I committed the sin of envy.

As I saw the certificates being handed out to some of my colleagues, I asked myself, why am I not receiving those? My stats were well above average. I'd even like to think I was among the top people on the floor. Yet, why didn't I get any of those certificates?


Ever since I moved from QC to Shaw/Ortigas, I made it a point to work on my numbers. True that, even when I was in QC, I was already on the management's radar. Then again, I suspect it was only because of my extra-curricular showings for the account.

Trust Ternie, they said. He delivers.

To be objective about it though, my numbers were just so-so while I was in QC. It was more of a hit-and-miss thing. Sometimes, I'd end up with a perfect scorecard. Sometimes I'd barely make it. "He can develop more consistency," wrote a senior manager in the evaluation for my regularization.

I value feedback, so the moment I hit the office in Shaw/Ortigas, I took to heart what I read in the evaluation.


If there's one thing I'm confident of, it's that I posses a facility for the spoken language of English. I could rapport, cajole, beg, and flatter myself almost out of any situation with whomever calls in. Looking back, I could only think of one or two persons on the floor that match up to my communication skills; probably another one or two whom I consider my superior. As my QA said, I make an impact on the customer - almost always for the better.

That, along with the drive to stabilize my stats, lead to my best showing so far. Soon, I was head-to-head with the tenured top performers. Soon, I was the top performer.


  1. I want you to remember the beatitudes.

  2. parang ang dami kasi ng 8 beatitudes e.

    i'll stick with the 7 deadly sins in the meantime :P

  3. because you are bound for something way better. :-)

    1. una, congrats on the new job. keep cajoling. hehehe!

    2. naku sana ibang klaseng job yung nakamit ko lolz

  4. haha, hindi na nasundan yung unang comment...

    pangalawa, nakukuha mo naman yan sa alindog, kaya keri na

    pangatlo, all the best at malayo mararating mo :)