Friday, January 29, 2010

Mothers and Sons 3

"Anak, are you hungry?", my mother asked me while I was busy writing stuff in front of the computer.

"Mmmmm," I grunted a non-committal reply.


Ever since my mother arrived along with her adopted daughter, I've been extra sullen and moody. A lot of my talking either has been reduced to monosyllables or to shakes and nods of the head. I think she's been chucking it up to my artistic temperament; one time, she even patted my cheeck and said I'm starting to take after Popsy with the way I communicate.

Oh Mom, if only I could tell you why.

I still think of the time when we were talking late into the night about everything and nothing. Out of the blue, you said "Anak, if I could protect you from all the pains in the world, I'd do that for you."

That almost pushed me to the verge of tears, Mom. It still does.


Mom came back with a sandwich on a platito. There was even a table napkin that accompanied it. It was nothing fancy. Just a butter and apricot jam between two toasted slices of bread.

But with that simple gesture, my heartache was lessened, my burden lightened. I know she can't shield me from all the pains in the world.  I won't allow her to. There are battles that I have to face on my own.

But she is here. My Mom is finally home.

And I have a feeling everything is going to be alright.


  1. We are one in this entry. If only we could take away our personal burdens and deal on our own.

    Without them ever knowing our troubles

    We do.

  2. That was a sweet gesture on your mom's part.

  3. i have been living away from my family for the last six years. everytime they ask me how i am, i always say that i'm doing good even when sometimes i am not.

    siguro, it is just me trying to lessen their burden. i mean, i'm just trying to be adult enough to face my battles on my own.

  4. Mugen: but it is sometimes good to have one's load shaed.

    just not with mommy deaest :P

    Rude: moms know best, don't they?

    Engel: :D

    John Stan: aw.

    lika nga dito, comfort kita ;)

  5. Ako si Posh Spice tapos ikaw si Baby Spice:

    Mama I love you
    Mama I care..

  6. Dabo: aw.

    sino si sporty at si scary spice? lolz

  7. hey, treasure these days that your with your mom.

    I`ve never been so close with my mom until recently. and it feels good!

  8. how sweet! i wish my mom could be as sweet. it seems all she ever does is kick me out of the computer to play pet society.

  9. City: oh, my mom does that to me, too. she loves playing spider solitaire on my desktop, and it forces me to swith to the laptop lolz