Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ferragamo or Chucks?

, Shoes come in all shapes, colors, makes, and sizes. Some bite you in the heel no matter how much you break them in. Some are a perfect fit even on the first try.

Some shoes you wear because you have to.

Patented leather, all spic and span. Preferably of European brand and make.

Very fashionable. Trés chic.

But ultimately, you realize that you cannot wear them everyday. Slowly, you find reasons not to wear them everyday.

Too expensive. Save it for a special occasion. Whatever.

You keep in a box in a closet. It is special, after all.

And before you know it, it's out of style. So last season.

Some shoes you wear because you want to.

Nothing flashy. Nothing swanky.

But they are comfortable to walk in. They are so comfortable that you want to wear them everyday. At every occasion possible.

You wear them until the soles are worn out. Until they get holes. Until they get dirty and grimy and muddy.

But you don't care. Because they fit you like a proverbial glove.

Ferragamos are fine and dandy. Nothing wrong with that.

But me? Give me my trusty Chucks anytime.

Dedicated to you. And your shoes.


  1. yung chucks ko 5 years na buhay pa din.. hehehe chucks over any other brand for me anytime

  2. wala akong chucks.. huhuhu

  3. CB: should try yung Givenchy na stilettos for a change wahahahaha

    Commuter: Sa yo naman, yung Nine West na platforms lolz

    EB: Pabili ka kay SB weeeee

  4. if you have to, will you want to? :)

    nothing beats the tsinelas.

  5. wala rin ako chucks... huhuhu din

  6. EB: Dabah? haha

    Jay Vee: Nakow. Bili na agad! hehehe

  7. SF=Saburati Ferragamo


  8. i have this pair of sneakers from hong kong (it doesn't have a brand name) that i wear everywhere. it used to be white, but now it's gray and the soles are coming off. i had to get rid of it when the rainy season started. i wear a different pair but i still miss that feeling when i wear the old one.

  9. Ash: there are thing we have to do, and there are things we want to do.

    unfortunately, they're sometimes not one and the same :P

    Anon: hahahahahha

    Koji: shucks. i can totally relate :D

    thanks for passing by! pls, do feel free to look around and enjoy some of my posts :D

  10. agree,just go on with what you are comfortable with

  11. Callister: Yeah especially if you're in for the long haul ;)

    Thanks for passng by! Do feel free to read around :)