Saturday, June 13, 2009

Five Simple Things I've Learned from Playing Volleyball

"One point1 at a time lang tayo, o. Kung magkamali, bawi kaagad!"

There's no use dwelling on past mistakes. Just let it go. Don't worry too much with the future, too. Just stay in the moment, stay in the now. Each moment is fleeting and transitory in nature. Once it's gone, you can never bring it back to savor it.

"Kung yung block e nasa harap mo na, pa-check2 mo na lang sa kamay. Gawan mo ng paraan!."

No one said that life would definitely be one smooth ride. Obstacles will always be encountered. What matters is that you do something about it. Wag titiklop, wag dadagain, wag papatalo. Walang rebanse3 in real life, walang take two. Think of it very well, and just do it!

"Cover4 your spikers. And your blockers as well."

It's all about trust and support. That you'll be there for the people who mean something to you. That those very same people would also be there for you. Kung san ka masaya, suportahan ta ka. Well, as long as you don't step on other people in the process hehehehe

"Talk! Talk! Talk! Bawal tahimik sa loob ng court!"

Open communication is one of the fundamentals in any kind of relationship. Being honest is always the best policy, whether is brutally delivered, or said in a gentle manner. You deserve that from them as much as they deserve it from you.

"There are no bad 1st5 balls. Only bad setters."

I take full command responsibility with the choices I make. I can't lay the blame on other people, and neither can I blame external factors. At the end of the day, it's still me who will have to decide. It's my life after all. Integrity will back up and follow through these choices that I make. Hopefully.

1 The rally point system makes it easy to get a point. Just don't make a mistake, and force the other team to make a mistake.
2 The act of hitting the ball off the hands of the opponent's block.
3 In the parlance of pustahang laro, it's the last and determining set. Sometimes, the stakes are raised even higher.
4 Staying underneath the your spiker to be able to get the ball just in case it gets blocked back into your own court. Covering your own blocker means rushing in behind them just in case the opponent decides to tip the ball instead of spiking it hard.
5 This works on the premise that no matter how the ball is badly received or dug, a really good setter should still be able to give the ball properly to his spikers.


  1. If we can just go back to the past nga talaga so we can correct the present and the future.

    I like this one, napa-reality check tuloy ako as early as 3:30 this morning! :)

  2. tosser tosser! :)
    but what an analogy man...

  3. Doc: glad you liked it :)

    Ash: jusme, ang retro na ng tosser na term a wahahahahaha

    see, may saysay din naman maglaro ng vollyball noh! :P

  4. i like this one. very practical, rational and realistic. napa sulat mo tuloy ako ng comment.

    meron pa akong dagdag. kung di nasunod ng kalaro mo ang dapat na play at a particular moment and instead follow a different one, huwag kang tumunganga and question why he did that dahil before u know it, nalaglagan na kayo ng bola. just make the most of what he did and improvise, adopt. maraming approaches sa problema. di lang iisa.

    tama ba? hehehe

  5. Waw. Volleyball. Frustrated volleyball player ako. Hihihi. Ex links?

  6. Hihihi. Nakakatuwa tong blog mo.

  7. Trip: That's what you call a broken play. That usually arises from a badly received serve. The setter has to make do with the ball that he gets, and usually sets it to the opener. The opener, in the meantime, is expected to adjust to the set and do something with whatever ball is given to him.

    Eeeeeeeeep. Vollyball geekines lolz

    Bino: Hey, thanks for passing by!

    Do feel free to look around. There are lotsa stuff you might enjoy reading ;)

  8. I'm back. Hihi. Salamat sa pagpunta sa blog ko. Balik kayo.

  9. this is the first time i'm commenting on your blog sir. and i have to say i am pretty impressed. the entry got me all nostalgic when i was young and naive, and had all my social interactions only defined by the quadrangle of the court.

    back in college, at a failed attempt to join a club that i so badly wanted to be a part of, the dialectics that played out over a set and a play gave me insight on my social retardation way beyond what my heart would care to acknowledge.

    to my lost mikasa, i will forever seek my days in remembrance of your supple resilience. may my next serve be as effective as the opponent's harsh returns.

  10. Bino: welcome back hehehe

    Red: Dialectics oncourt?! Shucks, masyado naman yata intellectualized yung laro ninyo. Kami e serve, block, dig, set, palo, at receive lang. Walang ng isip isip wahahahahaha

    Thanks for passing by! Please, doo look around and enjoy reading the stuff i've posted :)

    p.s. may your serve be a kargadong floater. i hate receiving those! lolz

  11. I miss volleyball. I used to play the game 2-3 times a week, but work seems insurmountable this year that I haven't played in months! I fear that whatever little headway I learned last year has already gone due to my lack of play time.

    Nice place you have here. Dropped by from the Polar Bear's place.


  12. i love this one.... i miss you my friend

    stay good ;)

  13. shatter: ay adek ka rin pala. pareho tayo dati lolz

    thanks for the swing! by all means, have fun looking my blog :)

    jay vee: salamat! miss rin kita kaibigan!

    have you been good? :D

  14. EW why is it that the more I block balls, the more they keep on serving. I must admit I am not the best receiver and most of the time my hits miss. But damn I dig balls, really. *sigh*. - empoy

  15. kilala ba kita Empoy? ikaw ba si EC? lols

  16. Dina Bonnevie: hello. alam ng lahat na mahilig ka sa balls noh!

  17. HAHAHA AKO TO. ang daming nag comment sa ball post, bakit kaya? lol

  18. Dina Bonnevie: kasi mahihilig sa balls tulad mo?


  19. wala akong alam jan. mabait ako.. pwamis!

  20. "Open communication is one of the fundamentals in any kind of relationship. Being honest is always the best policy, whether is brutally delivered, or said in a gentle manner. You deserve that from them as much as they deserve it from you."

    tinamaan ako dito.. pwamis.. at ngayon ko lang talaga binasa ito.. hahaha

  21. EB: buti naman tinamaan ka.

    Sana sa noo ang sapol.