Monday, June 15, 2009


I am Eternal Wanderer, but yet I am just a mask.

It is not me, but it is still me.

It is not the whole of me, but a part of who I am.

We all put on masks. Different masks to different people. To our parents. To our siblings. To our friends. To our lovers.

Sometimes, we even layer it. One at a time. A careful and calculated construction.

At the end of the day, we take it off.

I take it off.

Only to discover that I am the mask underneath.

Have I become the mask, or has the mask become me?

For you, and what we have talked about.


  1. i remember a high school retreat (all green minded ones should know this) - "scarred people are beautiful"

    but we wear masks same way with clothes, make-up, decor, hair do... to conceal a nakedness where we are most vulnerable. the nakedness where people might not find pleasant nor might find difficult to accept. masks to provide us a social armor.

    interesting how we find comfort in putting down our mask over a blogspace. :)

    (too much thinking for me)

  2. Ash: Prolly because it's far easier to create another persona in cyberspace.

    But I somehow believe that persona doesn't come out from nowhere. It is still part of your own, no matter how readically different it is.

    Please pass the tisse. I'm nosebleeding here.


  3. The mask has become a vaklitah! LOLS

  4. Weeeee@Jay Vee

    EB: Nyeta ka.

    Napahalakhak ako ng husto sa comment mo!

  5. in psychology, its normal for everyone to wear a mask, they call it social schema. we have masks for various purposes. a mask to our friends, another for our family, then one at work.

    basically, its fine as long as at the end of the day, you still know what you really look like.

  6. And the bells of the decrepit cathedral began to toll, a resounding TING! that echoed across the melancholy moors... TING! TING! TING!

    O ayan, nag-comment na ako. Hahahaha!

    Seriously though, many of us (including me)confuse the masks we wear with the facets of our persona (i.e. that which makes us still us). There is no inauthenticity with the "masks" you elaborate on... shyet, na-nosebleed yata ako sa sarili kong comment! Anu daw?

    Besos y abrazos mi amigo!

  7. Commuter: Amen to that.

    Blessed are those who know themselves, for theirs is the kingdon of the true. :)

    Bon: No, querido amigo. Gracias a tu por tu comento!

    Nosebleed. lolz

    My thoughts exactly. You don't pull out a mask out of nothingness. It has to have come from somewhere, no matter how disparate it is from your true persona.

    Please dial 911. I'm having an aneurysm here.