Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the Eye of the Storm

"Nada de turbe. Todo se pasa."
Let nothing disturb you. All things are passing.
- St. Teresa of Avila

When the wind is high, and the turbulence in life seeks to overwhelm me, I say these very words to myself.

I try to remind myself that the raging storm around me is all but temporary. After all, the air is cleaned and refreshened after a tumultuous thunderstorm.

But Serenity, if you're out there listening, you are more than welcome to come in anytime.

Into my heart. Into my soul.

juskolord, pakidalian ang unos. please.


  1. I concur. It is the beauty of the human condition, an existence that is as passing as it is ever-changing. Evolution presents us an opportunity to get it right the next time around. So does fate.

    May peace find you amidst the grimmest of tempests. And may the heavens wash the soils of our parched consciousness.

  2. And it is my turn to ask for.... EmmmmaaaaahhhhH!!!! Teeeeshoooooooo!!!! Sniff! Sniff!

  3. Paki bilisan po tag tuyot na sa EW!

  4. Red: Thanks. I really appreciate it :)

    Bon: Buset ka! lolz

    CB: Isa ka pa! Magsama kayo ni Bon! hehehe

  5. i find this entry resilient, strong and hopeful... comment ko lang... :)

    first time kung nadalaw rito...

  6. natawa naman ako kay Bon.

    oo nga.

    Emaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Teeeeeshoooooo!

  7. Itenerant: Shucks, thanks!

    Please do feel free to take a look-see around my blog :)

    EB: Magsama kayo ni Bon at CB!



  8. all things are passing.

    mantra ko din ko. haha. ibang version nga lang.

    apir! you blog from heart, i mean it. :D

    la la la la life goes on.

  9. Elyas: Wow. Salamat sa comment!

    It'll be my pleasure if you look around my blog for more stuff that might interest you :)

  10. haha. parang tiangge lang ha. cool. yeah. doing some backreading. :D