Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mga Piling Piling Pelikula 1

I just realized I relatively chalked up a lot of movie-going this year. I guess the convenience of downloading stuff has taken its toll on my at least once-a-week routine of watching movies in a real cinema house. But like I said, lately, I've found myself watching movies the old fashioned way with Totoy Mola, Cubao Boy, and Ting Ting Cojuangco in various permutations. Good thing, since it serves as a reminder to me that nothing really beats watching movies where they were meant to be seen: on the big silver screen.

Here are some of the movies I've watched this past few months:

The Watchmen - For a comic geek like me, this has gotta be a dream come true. After about 20 years, the ground-breaking series was finally brought to the big screen. But like any other adaptation, there were some parts that were taken out, condensed, and revised. And yes, there stretches that dragged a tad bit for comfort. But the basic Machiavellian premise of the comic book still came across clear as water in the movie: is it justified to sacrifice a couple million of people for the greater good of the billions?

Eternal Wanderer's rating: 3.5/5. Very much watchable even if you're not familiar with the comic.

Pssst...Tenament 2 - The third installment of Chito Roño's horror trilogy (and perhaps the weakest of the three). Coincidentally, the 2nd installment, Sukob, was probably the last Filipino film I watched in a movie house (yes, shame on me). It was interesting for Roño to dig-up the mythos surrounding the folkloric beliefs about encantos, but for all the modernization surrounding the film, it lacked one of the basic requirements of an engaging film: a good and focused narrative. I felt there was too much meandering in the plot, and at the end, I couldn't decide if it was a crappy horror film or a fantaserye gone rotten. Too bad, since Fung Shui and Sukob were films I really, really enjoyed.

EW's rating: 2.5/5. If you're looking for something to do to kill time, be my guest.

Star Trek - The best lot of the films I've watched so far! In this case, the updating of the Star Trek franchise worked very much to its favor. The result was a fresher and edgier twist to familiar characters. I loved the way they incorporated the time-travel factor to open the gate to a fresh reboot. This plot twist allowed the most seasoned Trekkie to experience the origins with a brand-new perspective, and at the same time, presented to newbie a very approachable initiation into the franchise itself. It had none of the clunky special effects you'd associate with the older films and the the original TV series. Instead, one is rewarded with eye-popping space battle scenes coupled with a fast-paced and tightly knit narrative. Definitely a winner!

And if you ask me, never in my life has it crossed my mind that Capt James T. Kirk can be extremely HOT in his undies!


EW rating: 5/5. Don't miss this one!

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  1. you really have this fascination for comics no? i can clearly remember how you'd ditch me for some good conversations with comic stuffs. :))

  2. hahaha. until now, you never fail to make me laugh. sabi ko nmn syo, dont mind me that much. hmmm, maybe you are getting old, thats why you are not getting any of the clues. (no, let me make it sound a bit better and less annoying, you are getting older.) or maybe, you weren't that much into me as i was that into you. :)) haha. j/k

    TC! :)

    BTW, nice photo. seems to be your fave :)

  3. on topic: this makes me feel bad remembering when i used to watch movies almost nightly during my undergraduate years. being a member of a film research and critical appreciation organization, and a student critic for viva, i had all the right to watch whatever film i craved for. for free.

    now i'd be happy to be able to watch once every 3 months. oh, and i don't have dvd's or a player as well, nor internet connection at home. so i have to make do with ogling at posters and watching trailers.

    i am now the complete opposite of my former cinematic-ly promiscuous self. maybe when i don't have to commute so far daily i'd find time to rekindle my love affair with the silver screen. but for now, allow me to envy you for being able to catch watchmen onscreen. and star trek as well.

    when are they doing an adaptation of neil gaiman's dream hunters? or jerry alanguilan's wasted? now, those i'd love to watch.

    off-topic: do i smell bitterness? or a lost love being rekindles? i wonder, what would a nice title be for this situation?

    r-3: restroom on the third floor?
    just kidding... :D

  4. Red: hush! lolz

    I was a movie whore, too in college. My barkada and I would hangout Friday night at Megamall to have dinner and to watch whatever cuaght our fancy.

    I do miss those carefree days... :(

  5. red: haha, no, not restroom on the 3rd floor :)

    EW: i am not stalking your blog! haha. i just find it really amusing!

    Take care. and quit smoking, oh and please, limit your coke light / zero intake.

    mwah :)

  6. kalurkey si R-3!!!

    napa comment ako..
    sobrang ganda kase ni EW, ayan may mga bitter na kaluluwa ng nakaraan!

    EW - single
    + R3 - ex??
    = "muling ibalik ang tamis ng pag-ibig..."


  7. R3: nah, i was kidding :P please, do feel free to hang around my blog :)

    K: isa ka pa. nyeta! lolz

  8. K: haha! hindi ako ex! :)and hindi ako bitter ocampo! :D you guys are really funny. sobrang ganda ba ni EW? hehe.

  9. thanks EW. im here everyday, reading your entries over and over. you are still that nice, funny guy i knew (even if only for a really short time)


  10. EW, pakilala mo naman ako kay ()-r-3-() ;))

    ♫ Heto ka na naman ♪
    ♪ Kumakatok saking pintuan♫
    ♪ Muli naghahanap ng makakausap ♪
    ♫ At heto naman ako ♪
    ♪ Nakikinig sa mga kwento mong ♪ paulit-ulit lang ♫

  11. R3: you're most welcome :)

    EB: isa ka pa!!!!!!

    EB meet R3.

    R3 meet EB.

    Masaya ka na, EB?

    *rolls eyes*

  12. haha. hi EB! nice meeting you :)

  13. @Watchmen: i'd go lesbo for silk spectre 2. have you seen those long legs? hahaha.

    @Star Trek: the movie turned out really, really great. maybe because i underestimated it. i thought it was just one of those movies but i really enjoyed it. and i'd go lesbo as well for zoe saldana, hahaha.

  14. Max: Have 911 on hand just in case you get shellfish toxin poisoning hahahahahaha