Saturday, July 11, 2009

With One Glimpse

More Midnight Tales

There are some moments that you totally are prepared for. No surprises, nothing that will catch you off-guard. You are able to fully brace yourself for the event. You are able to properly handle the reactions that may possibly arise from it.

But a few days ago, I had an unexpected moment.

It was dawn time, and having just finished the book I was reading, I decided to go to the chat room. After all, it's been weeks since I last peeked at the Lobby. I wasn't really expecting anyone, prolly just an acquaintance or two. I'd prolly stay around 5 minutes, and that would be pushing it already.

Then I saw the familiar nick and the familiar font.

I did a double take. I even scanned the list of chatters.

It was him. It was definitely him. He even had his cam on.

Thoughts were dashing through my head wildly.

"Should I even say hi? What if he doesn't say hi back? Will he even say hi?! Oh gawd. Why is this happening? What the hell am I doing here?!!"

I clicked on his cam. And then I saw him.

After several months, I saw Spice.

He still looked the same. Charmingly disarming with that bedimpled smile of his.

(Stop fluttering, my heart.)

I typed on my keyboard, "Adek ka, Spice."

(I still remember the scent you left on my pillow. And it is a wonderful memory.)

I saw him grin. A huge grin. And then he shouted my nick in the Lobby.

He had me with his smile. I couldn't resist it. I just had to call him. The phone was ringing, and I saw him pick it up. And there we were, him on cam, I on the phone. We went on for a good 20 minutes or so, all of small talk. We were bantering about everything and nothing. I saw his laughter on cam. It felt nice that after all this time, I still could make him laugh. I told him I missed him, and he told me he missed me, too.

At that point, I had some realizations.

That everything is well, and everything is good.

That things have a funny way of falling into its proper place.

And that sometimes, the unexpected isn't that unpleasant, after all.

Five Minutes


  1. no comment. basta masaya ka. masaya din ako para sayo.

    *cough* PLAS *cough* TIK *cough*

  2. EB: hindi pa yan tapos. tatambling ka sa next post lolz

    pkf: aaaaw, shucks. thanks for the hug. i'll take it as a happy hug :D

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  4. Lands: thanks for passing by! Do feel free to have a look-see around :D