Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mga Piling Piling Pelikula 2

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - As much as I was delighted with the first film, the sequel proved to be the opposite. I felt the whole story was bogged down with too much back story, despite the kick-ass special effects and battle sequences. The flow of the plot was also surprisingly dragging for a film of this genre. I found myself fidgeting in my seat, looking at my watch, and even yawning at times. It definitely could've benefited from tighter editing to speed up the pace of the film.

On the upside though, for the carpet munchers out there, the girls are smokin'!

Urgh. I don't believe I just said that! *barfs*

EW rating: 3/5. Ho-hum

Drag Me to Hell - Yes, please do so. I came in expecting a good horror film, and came out scratching my head and wondering, "What the fuck was that all about?" The plot line and the horror scenes were so ridiculous that it bordered on high camp. I couldn't help but laugh out aloud at the most inopportune moments, most especially in the scary scenes of the movie. The whole film had a very B-movie feel to it that I think was very much intentional. My cup of tea most certainly it wasn't. I very much want my horror films scare the shit outta me, thank you.

I have to admit, the cadaver retching the nasty stuff (formalin?) into the mouth of the lead actress was priceless in gross kind of way. Hehehe

EW: 2/5. Can be a cult classic 20 yrs from now.

Ice Age : Dawn of the Dinosaurs - The first movie was cute. The second one, less cute. This one was crap. Talk about being being dinosaur-paced (pun most intended) with the intermittent jokes thrown in once for good measure. It was so boring I actually dozed off for a good ten minutes or so. The only saving grace was that Cubao Boy and I watched it in 3-D. I had more fun watching the objects zoom out of the screen than paying attention to the story.

EW: 1.5/5. Skip it. You'll definitely save money.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - This is the proverbial calm before the big storm of the finale in the whole franchise of the series. Very much like the book, the movie functioned more as a back story filler rather than than a device to move the narrative of the saga. The result? It was slower-paced compared to the other movies, but rewarding in terms of adding more layers to the saga as a whole. The lead trio were no longer the cutesy tykes from the first film, and they were given just the right adolescent touches in this movie. I still think that Helana Bonhan Carter as Bella Lestange was a brilliant casting coup, and I could think of no other actress fit to portray Minerva McGonagall than Dame Maggie Smith. I just can't wait for the last film to come out!

EW's rating: 4/5. Slow but steady rise to the climax.

Next movie. And in IMAX, too. Woohoo!!


  1. @Transformers 2: sumakit corneas ko sa movie na yan. haha. and yeah, it's very commercial and predictable. but props to the CGI effects.

    @Drag me to Hell: to think it was directed by sam raimi (spiderman). and what's with the title? it took out the spooky effect and made it a bit lame.

    @Ice Age 3: i'm still wondering why the whole ice age franchise became a hit. i like queen latifah though.

    @HP6: i wasn't able to watch this one because i got sick. i'll wait for the DVD instead, haha. and yey! for mrs. burton. i really like her.

    @UP: i'm looking forward to watching this one ;)

  2. aminin mo!

    nag-enjoy ka sa DRAG ME TO HELL.. lols

    May IMAX na sa SM North. esep esep!

  3. Max: tara let's watch it on IMAX! teehee

    EB: Pamatay yung sumukang bangakay. Pati na rin yung palakol scene. Super laugh trip yun!

    Honga, may IMAX na sa SM North weeee